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Welcome to our Holiday Shop Distributor information site.


Gift Shops International is supplier of the nations two most popular brands of Holiday Shops - Kids Korner Gift Shoppes® and The Elf Shelf®.


Kids' Korner Gift Shoppes® is for those distributors who want to work a local exclusive territory where they can give personal service.


The Elf Shelf® is a program for those who don't like restricted sales area.


There is no investment required and we have three solid marketing plans for our distributors to choose from:


    Sales Representative (A great starting point) -- Commission -- we drop ship, we bill & provide signing incentives, all unsold product returnable.


    No Risk Distributor (A great program for an established fund raising company) -- we drop ship, distributor bills customer & provides signing incentives, all unsold product returnable.


    Stocking Distributor (For the experienced warehousing distributor) -- we ship to distributors warehouse or we can drop ship, distributor bills customer & provides signing incentive and keeps all unsold product.


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We have over 50 years experience working with school groups, clubs and organizations.  In 1959 we started with fund raising . . . and 1989 we sold the fund raising portion of the company and took our Holiday Shop program national by offering our marketing program to key fund raising distributors who wanted to offer their customers a Holiday Shop.


We have worked hard to make our shop the best and the fact that we have many distributors who have been with us for more than 20 years shows we are doing something right.


To date we have served over 25,000,000 children and many of today's chair-people are former Kids' Korner Gift Shoppes® and Elf Shelf® Gift Shop customers.


We have introduced many innovations to Holiday Shops, and today we are the most copied Holiday Shop programs in the nation.


We purchase our products direct from the factories and are able to offer better prices and more variety.


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We have some of the best marketing tools for your school customers.


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Our program is so superior that dare you to compare our program with any other supplier.


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Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to call me --

Don Fisher  at  1-800-KIDS-NOW